Pont du Gard

The bridges, symbol of connection between people, to overcome obstacles, to reach the other side, to communicate, to exchange, to go further, faster and more easily... are well represented in our region of origin.
is located in between 2 famous ones: the Pont du Gard and the Viaduct of Millau.

This rooting in between Past (Romans) and Modern times (21st century) well illustrates ACTIF-Europe's know-how in adding value into its networks, partners and experiences to achieve new challenges, and to integrate innovative, pragmatic and sustainable approaches.Viaduct Millau - France

This open attitude and willingness to bring partners closer has been naturally leading ACTIF-Europe to a European dimension. Right from the beginning from its Brussels' basis, ACTIF-Europe has been able to build bridges between various European countries and as well with other Regions (Mediterranean countries, Japan, China, US, Latin America...).
Effective activity and resource centre on European projects and for the strategic and operational support of enterprises:
ACTIF-Europe proposes you a complete range of modular services and tools, either directly or via the Club ACTIF.
In complement to its Languedoc-Roussillon location, ACTIF-Europe is also actively present in Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse, in Rhônes-Alpes in Lyon and as well in Brussels at the heart of EU activities. For more contact details...
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