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ACTIF-Europe in short

ACTIF-Europe logonight bridgeACTIF-Europe provides you support and services thanks to a flexible operational team which structure is adapted on each mission in a cost effective way.

ACTIF-Europe has always been developing partnership relation between its clients, suppliers and experts where mutual benefits and win-win relationship represent fundamentals.
Unique services based on key competences covering a wide spectrum and a strong experience thanks to its networks of experts which provides successful complementarities with appropriate relays in various countries and sectors.
Several customers have already successfully trust ACTIF-Europe.

In complement to a newsletter and the present website, the Club ACTIF can bring you extra services and give you access to:

  • training and support documents relating to transnational cooperation
    • transnational partnership
    • QA - Quality Assurance approach in the field of services and cooperation
    • coming from some European projects that ACTIF-Europe advise or support.
  • You can also find updated information related to:
    • European follow-up (essentially European programmes or regulation);
    • or technological follow-up in the area of new information and communication technologies.

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Main partners and networks

gate bridge Here you can find information on the main partners of key projects and networks. ACTIF-Europe acts for them as a partner or as a facilitator to support project development or to provide external evaluation:

  • education or training (widely speaking)
  • personal development and human resources
  • anticipation of socio-economic changes
  • integration and synchronization of skills acquisition to the economic world
  • transnational projects (usually European ones)
  • or one of the key action sectors of ACTIF-Europe.

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EU projects

ACTIF-Europe demonstrates a strong experience on European projects:

  • as a partner or coordinator of the project:
    Then ACTIF-Europe belongs to the partnership of a project; and directly contributes to its content and development.
  • or as support and accompanying services:
    ACTIF-Europe is a facilitator and coach of the project, the partners or the networks (project platform, external evaluator, advisor, support to project definition and management).

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