ISPIMACTIF-Europe participates at the ISPIM Symposium (the International Society for Professional Innovation Management) in Québec City 12-15 December 2010.

A specific workshop on EU-Canada funded programmes and ideas of collaborative projects is presented by ACTIF-Europe during the Symposium (Tuesday 14 December, Workshop 1.2).

About 150 ISPIM delegates from all continents and 150 Quebec Seeks Solutions delegates on Tuesday are expected. It brings together academics, business leaders, consultants and other professionals involved in innovation management.
The main topic of the conference this year is on "Managing the Art of Innovation". The Symposium format includes facilitated themed sessions for academic and practitioner presentations together with round tables, interactive workshops and discussion panels.

ACTIF-Europe's presentation: "EU funding projects and opportunities with Canada"
(copy of the slides is available upon request)

•    Providing information on EU funding programmes open to cooperation with Canadian organisations or individuals
•    Identifying existing projects as sources of potential partners and example of EU-Canada cooperation.
•    Bringing together organisations interested in participating in EU-Funded projects to develop ideas for future collaboration.

Who should attend:
•    Anyone already involved in EU funded projects that support innovation management activities and who wants to develop cooperation projects between EU and Canada or between EU and other countries.
•    Anyone with applied research output requiring a test-bed, knowledge transfer or increased added-value through application
•    Anyone needing funding to support their applied research or knowledge transfer activities into new networks

From theory ...

•    Presentation of FP7 rules for the participation of third countries (outside EU and associated or candidate countries). NB: FP7 = 7th Framework Programme for research of the European Union.
•    Presentation of other EU programmes, especially in education and training.
•    A few examples of EU cooperation projects in which Canada is involved.
•    Indication of contact points at EU and Canada levels.

… To practice (about 30mn or more depending on pre-information by participants)
Open discussions with the participants to jointly explore project idea and capabilities proposed by the participants
a.)    initial ideas for proposed subjects
b.)    developed ideas or consortia looking for partners
c.)    existing projects looking for more test-partners

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